Ronny Deila says that he still has the boards backing…but is it time to finally go?

After the defeat in the League Cup semi-final to Ross County, Ronny Deila has come under a lot of pressure and the majority of fans have now run out of patience with him. However, Deila has insisted that he won’t be leaving just yet and that the board are still backing him. He said:

“I really believe the club has full faith in me, that the players are behind me. I really believe that. But of course things change if you don’t win games. So you can’t say: “I’m going to be here next season”. You never know.

If I start to lose all the games then of course I won’t be here next season. But I am so confident that we are going to have a good season and win the league. That is the main, main target. We want to win everything but the main target is the league so that we can again qualify for the Champions League.”

He was also asked if he is now feeling the pressure more after the League Cup defeat. Deila replied:

“I feel much more hungry. Of course I do. What people have to understand is that the most disappointed man is the one sitting here.

But I have lost games before, and big games. It’s only seven or eight months since it happened the last time.

We have to get on with it and bounce back again. The best athletes and coaches go on and turn it around, they don’t go on losing and losing.

Everybody can be a manager when things are going well. It’s when things are going bad, that’s when you show what’s in you.”

Furthermore, when he was asked about the speculation regarding other managers being linked with his job, he said:

“I don’t think about that at all. Think about the players, how many links they hear about how this player or that player is coming. Is that abuse of the players, suggesting they are not good enough?

Speculation in football is something I can deal with very, very easily. I am happy to be here, I am hungry, and I’m looking forward to every game and every day in training.

You can’t predict the future in football, you just have to take the next day and the next game and try to put your mark and your stamp on the club.”

 Deila recently picked up the manager of the month award for January, despite the League Cup defeat.

Bear in mind that the above comments were made prior to the Aberdeen game, which Aberdeen won 2-1. Celtic had the chance to put themselves 9 points clear at the top but instead they crumbled to leave Aberdeen just 3 points adrift.

This defeat was hard to take. Celtic and Deila had the chance to really kick on in the league after the League Cup exit, but they failed dramatically. 

There was nothing to take from the game whatsoever that showed any signs of promise. A few good performances from some players. But there was no fighting spirit there, no leadership. It was a cowardly and gutless performance in which Deila had no answers for.

When put under pressure, Deila simply doesn’t have a clue how to answer it. Time and time again change is needed on the pitch but he doesn’t change it. Okay, he changed it against Aberdeen when Kazim-Richards came on but that still failed.

For me, that was the final nail in the coffin. It’s time for Deila to go. I was willing to give him this game to make amends for the League Cup but he failed to deliver. It’s simply not working for him at Celtic. 

If the board think that the league title is under threat from the challenge aberdeen are giving us, then they’ll have to act and sack him. There was a picture on Twitter which summed up Deila’s time at Celtic, which I’ve posted below.



  1. Can’t believe this never did I ever see Mr Stein lose or show his anger during games he waited till in the dressing room still in league and cup don’t need shit from media most hoops brainwashed jesus sack somebody when still chance of double c’mon how about our players except some of the blame for a change ronny maybe too loyal to some players


  2. In reply to Chico67..MON Gordon Strachan and Neil Lennon were all animated on the touchline..RD shows no emotion and no passion..I have never been a fan of his…his team selections at times have been ludicrous, tactically naive we struggle for cover at right back and he lets Fisher go out on loan, he continued to play both Ambrose and Johansen when the two of them were a liability..I could manage Celtic to be challenging for two trophies…He has consistently played with one up front..plays people out of position, leaves players out or takes them off when his favourites are playing shite, he’s had enough chances and deseves to be sacked TODAY!!!


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