Peter Lawwell will stick by Ronny Deila for now

Since the defeat to Aberdeen during the week, Deila has come under increasing pressure in his fight to stay manager of Celtic. Fans are growing very frustrated now with the lack of performances on the field. Deila accepts this though and knows it’s not good enough. He has come out now and said that Lawwell will continue to back him for now. He said

“I have people I talk with. If not, this would be very, very lonely.

Peter is an important man. I talk with him a lot. He has lots of experience and provides safety for a manager.

He is understanding of my situation all the time. Peter knows Celtic because he has been here so many years. He is experienced and a strong and intelligent man.

We are honest with each other and that’s what’s important. That’s a positive.

It’s important that the board and everybody are working together. If there are going be conflicts, then it’s harder to believe in what you are doing and stay on the right track.

Everybody needs to feel trusted and loved. Every person needs that.

I have talked with Peter since last night. I also speak with Dermot often. He is a clever man and knows what business is about and how football works.

We have conversations to understand what page we are on. How I’m thinking, how he is thinking. That has been good all the time.”

As mentioned above, fans have now really started to not believe in Deila anymore and that they think the board should call time before the next set of Champions League qualifiers. He said:

 “That’s normal. That’s what it is to be a fan. When things are not going good, you have doubts.

I have been here many times. I lost six games in a row. That was a hard time, in my first year as a coach. That was an important learning curve.

The worst thing you can do in hard times is to think you know everything. When you don’t trust anyone, then you get into trouble.

We are a team, we have to stay together, work and talk together. We need to put demands on each other, but in a positive way. That is how you change the results. What I have done, and this is something you have to give me credit for, is that I have turned things around.

This is the first time I have lost two (domestic) games in a row, as long as I have been at Celtic. So I have done well to turn things around because I know how to do it.

I have done very good things but there are things I could do better. I don’t think that is a bad season. If you see the big picture, there are a lot of positive things but I am first to say that there are things I could have done better.

Whatever happens, you look at yourself and say: “This was not a good performance”.

But I don’t think I’m the only one who has had these problems at this club. All the successful ones have also had hard times.

I had hard time in Stromsgodset as well, but when you go through it you learn something and then you get stronger. Life is a battle.”

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