Callum McGregor’s drink driving charge prevented him from playing against EK

If anyone was wondering why Callum McGregor wasn’t in the team for the match against East Kilbride, it was because Deila thought he wasn’t in the right mind set after being charged with drink driving.

McGregor was detained by the police after he was pulled over on Friday early morning. Deila said:

“There’s been a lot of pressure on him in the last days and he’s not ready for playing a game.

I can say we don’t like this. This is something against everything and something we have to react to.

This is not in our hands, it’s with the police. We have to take the punishment that he gets and after that we have to support him. He’s a young guy.
 We are very glad that nothing went wrong, that he didn’t hurt anybody else. We’re lucky with that. These things have to be learned from.

What’s done is done. He has to take his punishment and we learn from it.”

Celtic weren’t at the races today and only managed a 2-0 victory over non-league East Kilbride. Celtic couldn’t get out of first gear over the duration of the match and at times didn’t seem at all interested. 

It was thought that Celtic would come out all guns blazing following a very bad week, but it was another dull performance. However, they got the win and progressed into the next round of the competition.

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