Scott Brown gives youth players a boost after praising Kieran Tierney

Scott Brown has moved to give confidence to the younger players at the club, saying that Kieran Tierney should be an inspiration for all. 

Tierney has broke into the first team this season and he has since made the position his own. Celtic captain Scott Brown is delighted with Tierney’s breakthrough and says that the future is bright with the promising players Celtic have in the youth set up. He said:

“I love the wee man. He’s as hard as nails. He’d tackle his granny and he’d go into any situation and thrive just because of his attitude. He’s a born winner, a born leader and he’s a great young lad to come through at Celtic.

I’ve seen him at Under-20s level coming through and seen what he can do there and he just seems to get better and better through games. He plays through injury, through thick and thin, and he’d struggled recently with a shoulder injury where most people would probably throw in the towel but the wee man just strapped it up and got on with it. I love his attitude.

 I see a lot of myself in him, especially when I was coming through as I was the exact same as him – he wears a t-shirt in all weather, and tackles anything that moves. The only thing that’s different is the wee man’s got a great left foot, although I seem to score most of my goals with my left so maybe I’m left-footed too. I’ve just been playing with my right all this time!

His attitude is spot-on. He just has to keep playing games and keep learning. He loves a challenge and every one he faces he comes through with a gold star. Hopefully we’ll see a lot more from him.”

Tierney has come on leap and bounds this season and of late he is often the only one on the field who gets pass marks. His dedication, willingness and eagerness are something which all players should take from him. He’s Celtic through and through and he’s got a very promising career ahead of him. Other youth players can now look to him as a source of inspiration to spur them on.

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