Erik Sviatchenko believes positivity can lead Celtic to Champions League qualification

Champions League qualification under Ronny Deila hasn’t happened yet in two attempts. However, with the third attempt just months away now, Erik Sviatchenko believes that just a bit of positive thinking could play a huge part.

Sviatchenko joined Celtic over the January transfer window and has since found himself already in the team. The injury to Simunovic has of course played a part in this, but it looks like the two of them are Celtic’s future centre half pairing. Sviatchenko said of the Chamoions League:

“We have to dream about things and talk about them before we can get them. Otherwise it will just be something loose you cannot feel.

Sometimes it’s very important to say we want this and make demands, otherwise it won’t get better.

We have to be positive. The fact something happened in the Champions League in the past does not mean it will happen again.

We are doing our best to improve and sometimes you see a curve that is going up, up, up. But the most important thing is, when it drops, not to let it slide too far down.

Most important for us now is to keep a high level, train well, talk to each other and analyse what we do in games. Of course we will be ready for Europe – and do our best when it comes.

 But there is no point worrying about what happens in the future. We have to be in the present and do our best here and now.

Everyone wants to have a great defence. Some people say if you want to win trophies it’s the defence which wins the trophies. Obviously everything comes from a compact defence.

It takes time. I am new in the squad and everyone has to cope with me and I have to cope with the boys.

But so far I am seeing progress. That’s a positive thing and we have to think like we can be better in all areas. Training in Denmark, I wanted to be a player who could play abroad. Not just in Denmark.

It’s the same here. We need to be better and push ourselves to be better. Do that and things will be great. We will be successful in Europe as well.”

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